It only takes
1-2 days to Germany
2-4 days within Europe.
5-8 days to other countries.

Please Contact us if your card is damaged or gets lost in the mail. We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can resend your card for free!

Prices drop when you purchase credits. Buy in Bulk Send cards from 1,49 EUR only. Everything included.
Just go to My Order and select the card you want to change if you´ve made a typing mistake.
Contactus for a tax invoice
Simply click on all the contacts you want to send your card to. Add images to lighten up your address book.
The more credits you purchase the cheaper it gets. We offer huge volume discounts for people who love to send cards.
You can use the following placeholder to personalize the greeting message of your text: {title}, {firstname}, {lastname}, {company}, {street} and {city}.
Please use our PokaMax Postcards App to create beautiful cards with multiple images or to place text on your images while we are busy bringing those awesome features to our web-version.